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Meet Our Team

We are an ambitious group of leaders passionate about making a difference in the communities that made us who we are.



TyRae Carter

Vice President

Industrial Engineer, Texas A&M University '21, NCWA National Champion, Co-Founder of the DTP Foundation

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Andrew Wallace

Technical Programs

Cloud Solutions Architect, Graduate from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

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Tirza Vargas

Executive Assistant

First-Generation aspiring Doctor, Graduate from The University of Texas with a BSA in Human Development and Family Sciences



    Myles Hampton-Arvie

    Budget Planner

    Sales and Trading Analyst at J.P. Morgan, Graduate from University of Houston with a Bachelor's in Accounting and Finance

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    Kevin Kardas-Dvorscak

    Operations Officer

    Experienced Skateboarding Instructor, Graduate from University of Houston - Downtown with a Bachelor's in Social Sciences

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    Why does DTP exist?

    Developing Today's Potential (DTP) was created to address challenges within certain communities by providing opportunities to build and strengthen usable skill-sets through fun and engaging programs. 


    Why Skateboarding?

    The University of Southern California conducted a study on the psychological effects of skateboarding (Beyond The Board Findings From the Field), and found that skateboarding helps improve mental health, fosters a community, and encourages diversity and resilience. 

    As lifelong skateboarders, we at The DTP Foundation have witnessed firsthand these psychological effects and the benefits they provide. We believe that with the proper guidance anyone can experience the benefits of skateboarding and apply any lessons learned to other areas of life, just as we have done.   
    With these beliefs in mind, we create programs centered around using skateboarding as a tool to attract new members to our organization and get them involved in our other programs focused on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

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